Singfield Chinese Gasifier Model JXQ-10A

<p>Singfield Chinese Gasifier Model JXQ-10A<br /> Peter Singfield,Belize, November 12, 2006</p> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/160"><img src="" alt="Chinese Gasifier Stove" title="Chinese Gasifier Stove" class="image thumbnail" height="150" width="96" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 94px;"><strong>Chinese Gasifier Stove</strong></span></div> <p><b>Select image and "Original" for full view</b></p> <!--break--><p>Low cost Chinese downdraft straw gasifier model for discussion. See <a href=";sl=zh-CN&amp;u=;sa=X&amp;oi=translate&amp;resnum=8&amp;ct=result&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3DJXQ%2B10A%26start%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN"></a></p> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/154"><img src="" alt="Chinese Manual Drawings" title="Chinese Manual Drawings" class="image preview" height="138" width="300" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 298px;"><strong>Chinese Manual Drawings</strong></span></div> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/155"><img src="" alt="Bare BonesGasifier" title="Bare BonesGasifier" class="image preview" height="300" width="225" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 223px;"><strong>Bare BonesGasifier</strong></span></div> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/156"><img src="" alt="Air Inlet Detail" title="Air Inlet Detail" class="image preview" height="269" width="300" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 298px;"><strong>Air Inlet Detail</strong></span></div> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/157"><img src="" alt="Cylinder-cone-grate" title="Cylinder-cone-grate" class="image preview" height="225" width="300" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 298px;"><strong>Cylinder-cone-grate</strong></span></div> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/158"><img src="" alt="Grate From Bottom" title="Grate From Bottom" class="image preview" height="225" width="300" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 298px;"><strong>Grate From Bottom</strong></span></div> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/159"><img src="" alt="Bare Bones Gas Cleaner" title="Bare Bones Gas Cleaner" class="image preview" height="300" width="225" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 223px;"><strong>Bare Bones Gas Cleaner</strong></span></div>


<p>We want photos and the link for where to buy one.</p>

Dear Brennan
Further to your inquiry, Wattpower sells these gasifiers, delivered to any Containerport in the World. Please see: for further general information.
The basic package consists of a gasifier, a gas cleaning section, and a 2 burner gas stove, with electronic "push button" ignition. It has its own suction/pressure blower for delivery of gas to the burner. It is a well built system, and the gas burns without smoke.

The price can vary slightly, depending on your specific location, and freight rates in effect at the
time of order placement.

If you would like a firm quotation, or further information on the applicability of this system specific to other possible applications, please contact me at

Best wishes,

Kevin Chisholm